The Cyrus Chronicle Journal

CYRUS CHRONICLE JOURNAL Volume 1: CCJ – Volume 1 – May – 2016




The Cyrus Chronicle Journal Editorial Board

Editor: Tagi Sagafi-nejad, Professor Emeritus, Loyola University Maryland, USA
Associate Editor: Alf Walle, Ph.D., University of Alaska, USA
Assistant Editor: Nancy Black Sagafi-nejad, USA

Editorial Advisory Board:

Sousan Abadian, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Abdelwehab Alwehab, Ph.D., University of Baghdad, Iraq

Nader Asgary, Ph.D., Bentley University, USA

Reza Askari Moghadam, Ph.D., Tehran University, Iran

Bulent Aybar, Ph.D., Southern New Hampshire University, USA

Gabrielle Bedewi, Ph.D., Former Global Segmentation Leader, Nielsen, USA

Mansour Farahani, Ph.D., Harvard University, USA

Farok Contractor, Ph.D., Rutgers University, USA

Maling Ebrahimpour, Ph.D., University of Rhode Island, USA

Ahmad Etebari, Ph.D., University of New Hampshire, USA

Hamidullah Farooqi, University of Kabul, Former Cabinet Member, Afghanistan

Bahram Grami, Ph.D., Author and Editor, USA

Fariborz Ghadar, Ph. D., Penn State University, USA

Tarek Hatem, Ph.D., American University, Cairo, Egypt

Shahriar Khaksari, Ph.D., Suffolk University, USA

Noomen Lahimer, Ph.D., University of Carthage,Tunis

Tatiana Manolova, Ph.D., Bentley University,USA

Farhang Niroomand, Ph.D., University of Houston, USA

Massood Samii, Ph.D., Southern New Hampshire University, USA

Jahangir Sultan, Ph.D., Bentley University, USA

Alf H. Walle, Ph.D., University of Alaska, USA

Joseph Weiss, Ph.D., Bentley University, USA

Willem-Jan van den Heuvel, Ph.D., Tilburg University, The Netherlands

The CIK (CYRUS Institute of Knowledge) Journal is a refereed interdisciplinary journal. The editorial objective is to create opportunities for scholars and practitioners to share theoretical and applied knowledge. The subject fields are management sciences, economic development, sustainable growth, and related disciplines applicable to the Middle East, Central Asia (MENA) and North Africa. Being in transitional stages, these regions can greatly benefit from applied research relevant to their development.
The Cyrus Chronicle provides a platform for dissemination of high quality research about these regions. We welcome contributions from researchers in academia and practitioners in broadly defined areas of management sciences, economic development, and sustainable growth. The Journal’s scope includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Business Development and Governance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • International Business and Cultural Issues
  • International Economics
  • International Finance
  • Innovation and Development
  • Institutions and Development
  • Leadership and Cultural Characteristics
  • Natural Resources and Sustainable Development
  • Organization and Cultural Issues
  • Strategy and Development
  • Women and Business Development
Authors are responsible for the views expressed and the accuracy of the facts provided. Authors’ opinions do not necessarily reflect the position of the CYRUS Institute of Knowledge, the Editor, or the Editorial Advisory Board of The Cyrus Chronicle Journal.
Editorial Advisory Board Members:
Professor Tagi Sagafi-nejad will serve as editor of The Cyrus Chronicle. Dr. Sagafi-nejad is ex-editor of the International Trade Journal and formerly the Radcliffe Killam Distinguished Professor of International Business, and Director of the Center for the Study of Western Hemispheric Trade. Dr. Saghafi-nejad is well-known internationally and has outstanding credentials to develop The Cyrus Chronicle Journal into a high quality publication. He will be assisted by an editorial board consisting of distinguished members from world-class institutions of higher learning, practice and industry.
Submission Process:
We invite authors to submit their papers and case studies to We will have a quick turn-around review process of less than two months. We intend to begin with two issues per year consisting of about 5-8 papers and case studies per issue. The first issue is being planned for the summer of 2016. A selected number of papers submitted to the CIK conference will be double-blind reviewed for inclusion in The Cyrus Chronicle Journal.We intend to have special issues on themes that are within the scope of Journal. Also, we will have invited guest issues.
The Cyrus Chronicle Journal: An imprint of the CYRUS Institute of Knowledge (CIK)
This is a historical time for the mentioned regions, and The Cyrus Chronicle intends to offer what is most urgently needed. There is no question that organizations and businesses that are capable of analyzing and applying advanced knowledge in management sciences and development are in high demand, and especially during transitional periods. It is an unusual time in the target regions and the world, a time which requires active intellectual participation and contributions. It is the era of revolution in terms of communication, technology and minds for billions of people. It is a time for intellectuals, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists to help enlighten minds and therefore enrich the quality of life for millions. It is a time to focus intensely on the regions’ historical characteristics, achievements, human and natural resources, and its significant deficit in development, management sciences, and democracy. CIK’s vision, “to cultivate the discourse on human capital potentials for better living,” is the appropriate response to current challenges, and the journal is a platform for sharing the perspectives of scholars and practitioner with a wider audience.CYRUS associates tend to have a foot in two worlds. First, most of the associates possess a wealth of intellectual and experiential knowledge which is enhanced by their active involvement in business, consulting and scholarly research and collegiate teaching. Second, some associates are sons and daughters of the affirmation regions and possess an ethnic identity, language skills, and the insights only embraced by insiders. Third, most of the CIK board of directors’ members and associates are well-known scholars, members of editorial boards of journals, and even editors. CYRUS possesses depth, breadth, and a competitive edge to successfully manage chronicle.CYRUS is committed to developing knowledge that positively contributes to the life of the world citizens, especially, the target regions. CIK is a charitable, educational, and scientific organization that has been in operation since 2011. It is a secular and nonpartisan organization that has many scholars and practitioner as member.
For more information on the Institute, please contact: or or Nasgary@Cyrusik.orgCYRUS Institute of Knowledge (CIK), Box 380003, Cambridge, MA 02238-0003, USA