Poster Presentation

It’s awesome that you/your team is considering to present your research paper at this years CIK/SINGP conference

There are great benefits for you as an individual or as a team decided to participate:.

1.      You will share your work with domestic and international professionals and scholars;

2.      You will be able to conduct networking with professionals and faculty from all over the world and the USA;

3.      You can add in your CV that you had a poster presentation at CIK/MIT conference.

4.       Make friends with students and alumni from Bentley, MIT, Uninove and Suffolk.

General Information to remember:

We recommend you  bringing a Flasher drive containing the presentation.

  • The standard size of the poster is 36” Tall x 48” Wide.
  • Make use of following poster-template 
  • For best results, we commend the use of font larger than 40, while references can be as small as 32
  • Using a matte photo paper for printing on ensures a neat and legible poster

Additional information will be posted.