Call for Papers

The CYRUS Institute of Knowledge invites you to participate in its upcoming 8th International conference Entitled: “Entrepreneurship, Responsible Leadership, and Economic Development.” The conference is co-sponsored by, Bentley University, Suffolk University and Uninove University, Brazil.

Dear Colleagues, We hope you are doing well!
Due to the Coronavirus’ significant negative impact on individuals, communities, and businesses globally, CIK has decided to postpone the May 2020 conference to a later date. The decision was made in cooperation with SINGEP at UNINOVE. Therefore CIK/SINGEP will continue to communicate with you all in this regard. Below are a few important issues that we can work during this historical period.
  1. We welcome your commentary, article and perspective about current and future within the domain of CIK.  We may post it on the CIK website and generate a book.
  2. The editorial board of the Cyrus Chronicle Journal ( welcomes your paper submissions for review for potential publication.
  3. Please submit your paper for the CCJ – Special Issue on International and Transnational Entrepreneurship..
  4. CIk colleagues have started Virtual Meetings on Sundays (Mid-days, EST) about the impact of the Coronavirus on issues such as Higher Education, Entrepreneurship, Economic Development, and etc.  We welcome your suggestions and participation in the meetings. Please let us know your perspectives and interest for attending the meetings by sending an email to 


Location: UNINOVE University Campus, São Paulo, Brazil 


Scholars and practitioners are invited to Submit A Proposal, half page abstract, for an interactive paper presentation session that reflects different perspectives across disciplines. We also encourage participants to submit a proposal to run a session with selected participants. To submit a proposal and for additional information please check the CIK website: CIK website.

We welcome participation from public and private sectors to attend the conference. Participants will find presentations enlightening and enrich their personal and professional life. Additionally, there will be significant opportunities for networking. To register please check CIK website.

We welcome submissions that represent various business disciplines, economic development, and cultural issues. We are interested in examining challenges and opportunities related to the issues listed below. All studies that consider the effects of globalization on the target geographic regions are welcome.

All submitted proposals will be double-blind reviewed by the Program Committee and referees.  The accepted abstracts and papers will be published in the online Conference Proceedings.  Due date to submit your paper to be included in the Conference Proceedings is postponed.   Format your paper according to the guidelines HERE. A selected number of best papers will be given priority for review and possible publication in the Electronic Journal of CIK, Cyrus Chronicle Journal (CCJ).   To view and cite the CCJ papers click here. 

Participants are invited to submit a proposal for an in-person paper presentation and interactive session that reflects different perspectives across disciplines. We also encourage participants to submit a proposal to run a session with selected participants.

Preferred Topics of Interest

Entrepreneurship; Innovation and Development; Business Development and Governance; Natural Resources and Sustainable Development; leadership and Cultural Characteristics; Women and Business Development; Higher Education Institutions; Ethics and social Responsibility; Institution and Development; Organization and Cultural Issues.

General Topics

Accounting; Economics; Finance; Information and Communication Technology; International Business and Cultural Issues; International Economics, International Finance; Marketing; Project Management; Statistics; Strategy; Decision Science; etc.

CIK flagship journal, the Cyrus Chronicle Journal, leadership is organizing workshop sessions in which young scholars from the region are brought together with senior scholars. Young scholars present their ongoing research at the workshop, and senior scholars provide feedback and help the research agenda of young scholars, with the aim of producing publishable articles. This activity will be conducted face-to-face and virtual.

Conference Executive Committee

Dr. Nader Asgary – President of CIK and Professor of Management and Economics, Bentley University,

Dr. Tarek Hatem – Head of Entrepreneurship and Leadership unit and Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy, The American University in Cairo, Egypt,

Dr. Shariar Khaksari – Member of Board of Director of CIK and Professor of Finance, Suffolk University,

Dr. Emerson Maccari – Professor of Management and former Director do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Administração – PPGA – UNINOVE, Sao Paulo, Brazil,

Dr. Massood Samii – Member of Board of Director of CIK and Professor and Interim Dean of the School of Business, Southern New Hampshire University.

The conference cosponsoring international institutions:

Bentley University – USA

Suffolk University – USA

UNINOVE  University (São Paulo) – Brazil