Below are some of the formal Testimonials from the conference participants. We greatly appreciate all of the formal and informal appreciations we have received during and after the conference.

As always, we welcome your participation, comments, and suggestions. Your financial and logistics support help us advance the CIK’s mission. Looking forward to seeing you all in the future gathering! THANK YOU! CIK

Thanks also for running a great and successful conference.

Thank you for the wonderful time that we’ve had at CIK last week. It was an amazing experience.

It was a pleasure to participate in the CIK/MIT 2019 conference. I had a unique opportunity to join a select conference which presented a rich intellectual content and created an embracing network. I consider conferences like this crucial to growing academically since I am pursuing a doctoral goal.

I would like to thank all the CIK organization members, the volunteers and especially Dr. Nader Asgary who dedicated so much time and care to the event and welcomed all the participants in such a warm way.

I hope to be able to attend to the CIK 2020 Conference in Sao Paulo to present new researches and enrich the network created this year.

Great Conference; well organized, and implemented!

Thank you! This was my first experience at CIK.

Congratulations to another successful conference.

Nice networking and very friendly.

Amazing experience, highly rich intellectually…