Below are some of the formal Testimonials from the conference participants. We greatly appreciate all of the formal and informal appreciations we have received during and after the conference.

As always, we welcome your participation, comments, and suggestions. Your financial and logistics support help us advance the CIK’s mission. Looking forward to seeing you all in the future gathering! THANK YOU! CIK

As someone whose background lies in business, assisting and being part of the CIK Conference, while discussing research and international challenges with various individuals, was incredibly refreshing. The conference provided a unique opportunity to foster dialogue between disciplines and cultures, among students and academics alike. Presenting my research to a global panel that was both engaged and inquisitive, in addition to the intellectually stimulating trips to Rabat and Marrakech, was simply icing on the cake.NS

The 6th CIK conference was my first, and I met a variety of fascinating people, several of whom I will be interacting with in the months and years ahead. For instance, my comments during the ‘new book session’ on a future UN PRME book that I will be co-editing on Sustainability resulted in several abstracts for proposed chapters from conference participants across a range of countries. I am confident that some of these will result in significant contributions to the volume, which will be marketed by Routledge to over 600 business schools in 80+ countries. I also had a request for my Bentley course syllabus on Innovation and Economic Development after speaking on this topic at the conference; ongoing conversations with faculty at Mohammed V University are likely. In addition, I greatly appreciated and learned from the related cultural activities, including visits to a mosque, a museum, and historic ruins. Numerous conversations with conference participants during these events are also likely to generate future interactions.PF

The conference went very well. Sessions were interesting host institution did an outstanding job. The only input that I have is that the clustering of topics could have been done a little differently.SM

The CIK/ESCA Conference was well organized. I liked the combination of panel presentations and the sessions. The host university, ESCA, did a great job in providing the facility and support for the conference. Everyone associated with ESCA was friendly, professional and helpful. My only suggestion for future conferences is to have a couple of more “Panel Discussions” on a topic with a moderator.VH

Dear CIK/ESCA, Thanks again for organizing a great conference last week in Casablanca. I found it very enjoyable especially with the opportunity to network.MD

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