Last updated: Feb 12, 2018

Accommodation, Transportation, and other info

Special rate for conference participants: 

  • CIK/ESCA have a special agreement with The hotel is located in the center of  Casablanca and is a walking distance from ESCA Ecole de Management – conference location.  This agreement is for a limited number of rooms for the period of March 2 to 11, 2018.  The special rate will be honored if reservations are made before January 15th, 2018. Thereafter it will be honored based on availability and first come first served. 
  • Please make your room reservation by emailing, Mrs. Mehdi SAFADI ( at Kenzi Tower Hotel (see her information below).  In your email please state that you are attending CIK/ESCA conference and provide your ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE dates.  You will receive a confirmation via email and can pay upon arrival to the hotel. The room rate per night is 1350 MDH (about US$130 per night & 5 Tax) includes breakfast and Free WIFI. If for any unforeseen reason you could not make it to the conference, we urge you to cancel your hotel reservation no later than 48 hours in advance of your arrival date.
  • If you need transportation services to and from the Casablanca airport to the hotel request it in your communication with the hotel agent. The one-way cost is about US$50. One way public taxi is about US$30.

Henzi Hotel contact information:

 Mrs. Mehdi SAFADI

Account Manager
Kenzi Tower Hotel

Address: Twin Center, bd Zerktouni, 20 100 Casablanca

Mobile     : + 212 (6) 61 69 40 57

Standard  : + 212 (5) 22 97 80 00

Fax           : + 212 (5) 22 95 85 90



Transportation:  To and from the hotel to ESCA will be provided on a specific schedule. It will be posted here later on.


Airport Information

The Nearest International airport closest to the Venue is “Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport“.

The distance is 33.1km (21mi) from the airport to the conference venue (ESCA) and the travel time is 45-60 minutes. The cab fare from the airport is about $30. For other information on private/public transport please visit the airport’s website

A few accommodating suggestions for your arrival to Casablanca Airport from one of our colleauge:

  • Adjust your phone settings to the Free WIFI at the airport
  • Get a SIM CARD for your smartphone: You can get a sim card for free at the kiosk inside the airport by the luggage pick –up area and before you exist the customs/luggage area.  You can get free minutes if you allow them to take a picture of your passport (front page) and reload it as needed in the city. It’s safe and I do it every time I travel to Morocco. You can also purchase it without giving your info, See here:
  • Get cash at the airport for your transport from airport to Hotel:
    • UBER about 300-330 dirham ( paid via personal account linked to UBER)
    • White taxi about 250 -300 dirham plus 20 -30 dh tips (one way)
  • See this Youtube video of where to grab a taxi at the airport:  All you need to do, is go to the Taxi area just out in the street and grab a taxi, there should be a manager there to help, if not, just go next to the taxi area and wait for someone to come to you to ask if you need a taxi.  Feel free to refuse a Taxi that is not well maintained for another car that looks newer.
  • Hotel Address: write it down on a piece of paper:
  • Download What’s up or IMO prior to traveling for free calls.  For unforeseen issues; feel free to contact me using what’s up or IMO on my cell phone: Jalila @ 617-838-8227.
  • Note the arrival and departure terminals; there are two terminals at the airport: Terminal 1 and 2.


Entry Visa to Morocco

Entry visa requirements to Morocco depend on your nationality.  Therefore, you need to address visa requirements for your nationality. For more information please visit this site website.  If you need an invitation letter for requiring a visa please contact us at