Below are some of the formal Testimonials from the conference participants. We greatly appreciate all of the formal and informal appreciations we have received during and after the conference.

As always, we welcome your participation, comments, and suggestions. Your financial and logistics support help us advance the CIK’s mission. Looking forward to seeing you all in the future gathering! THANK YOU! CIK

Super job with the CIK event. Congratulations on such a superb conference.FG

To the friends of the CYRUS institute of Knowledge

I arrived today in Brazil, after a long journey back. I want to thank each one of you for making these three days of meeting so special! It was a great dream come true for me!  The organization of the event, the venue, the meals, everything was perfect! But the best part was your affection with all of us, with me, and also with my cousin and sister-in-law.  I still feel the energy of you! Thank you for everything! Best regards from the friendSA

Thank you so much for making me part of this amazing event! So far, it was probably the best weekend I have had in Boston, so I appreciate every second and every new person I met! It was my utmost pleasure to help! Thank you again and have a wonderful day!ZA

Thank you for everything. I enjoyed the conference very much. If I can help the organization in anyway please do not hesitate to let me know.” DFB

I want to greet you for the success of the CIK Conference. All the activities, the organization and the sympathy shown by the collaborators were excellent. Congratulations. I hope to meet most of you in Brazil at SIMGEP. Big hug,JEL

Congratulations to CIK on putting on another successful conference. The team deserve “marizad” for having done a great job.TSN

Dear All,

“Thanks. CIK has developed a very worthwhile organization that can play a catalytic role for the MENA region as well as emerging markets.  I learned a lot and hope to continue my association with CIK. I will be sending a write-up of my remarks to JCC for publication.”

“Congratulations! It seems all of the efforts and hard work has paid well!” SK