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May 2017 – CCJ, Volume. 1, Pg 45-57

Natural Resources and Economic Development: The Case of Afghanistan

by Hamidullah Farooqi and Nader H. Asgary


This paper examines the role of natural resources in the sustainable economic development of Afghanistan.  We analyze Dutch disease theory and its implication for the case of Afghanistan.  Additionally, we apply the Community-Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) strategy for effective resource management and avoidance of Dutch disease.   CBNRM will benefit all stakeholders by engaging them in the decision-making and implementation process.  We describe historical lessons learned are by other countries with abundant natural resources to support sustainable development.  We describe various ways in which natural resources can be used to serve the best interest of Afghanistan in general as well as distinct Afghan communities.

Keywords: Natural resources, Extractive industries, Dutch Disease, Community Based Resource Management; Development, Afghanistan.


Professor Hamidullah Farooqi

As an economist and political activist has been appointed the Chancellor of Kabul University on 4th Aug 2016, and Advisor Minister to President Ashraf Ghanifor Higher Education on 11th Aug 2016.Son of the late Habibullah Farooqi, Prof. Hamidullah Farooqi was born in 1954 in an educated and intellectual family in Herat Province. He received his BA in National Economy from Kabul University in 1976, and MA in Economics from Queens College, City University of New York, in 1995. He joined the Economics Faculty of Kabul University as an academic lecturer in 2003 and since then has been part of the prestigious educational body of the country. Since his return to Afghanistan, Prof. Farooqi has established private schools and universities, business communities and private sector institutions, Academic Institutions and associations, and Social Councils.


Dr. Nader Asgary

Professor of Management and Economics at Bentley University specializes in economic development and international business.  Serving as Associate Provost for International Relations at Bentley, he developed a unique understanding of the needs for books that enrich economic development through entrepreneurship.  Dr. Asgary has led a few successful entrepreneurial economic development projects (some with his students) in El Sauce, Nicaragua and Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Iran, and the United States. His extensive publication record, teaching, and practical experiences in public and private sector enrich this proposed manuscript.

Asgary is the President of the CYRUS Institute of Knowledge (CIK) focuses upon business development, sustainability, and economic development.  CIK ( activities include an annual international conference, executive training and research/consulting initiatives.  Serving in this role provides Asgary with insights and experiences that provide his writing with a breadth and timely focus that, otherwise, would be impossible.