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May 2017 – CCJ, Volume. 2, Pg 8-9

Role of Institutions in Sustainable and Socially Equitable Development

by Nader H. Asgary


The objective of this brief communication is to start a conversation about the critical role that institutions play in sustainable development and how each of us as can assist with the development and nurturing of institutions.  Our goal is to nurture equitable and sustainable economic and social development.  There is so much to be done, especially when change triggers violence and tension among those who feel threatened by progress.  Cyrus Institute of Knowledge (CIK) offers positive and constructive alternatives to such horrific and counterproductive responses.  CIK is an educational and scientific secular and nonpartisan institute, dedicated to peace, cooperation, harmony, and nonviolence.  CIK’s mission and values are shown in the banners put up in this conference.  While here I touch upon a few issues, there are interesting papers in the conference which will analyze many issues in-depth.

Dr. Nader Asgary

Professor of Management and Economics at Bentley University specializes in economic development and international business.  Serving as Associate Provost for International Relations at Bentley, he developed a unique understanding of the needs for books that enrich economic development through entrepreneurship.  Dr. Asgary has led a few successful entrepreneurial economic development projects (some with his students) in El Sauce, Nicaragua and Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Iran, and the United States. His extensive publication record, teaching, and practical experiences in public and private sector enrich this proposed manuscript.

Asgary is the President of the CYRUS Institute of Knowledge (CIK) focuses upon business development, sustainability, and economic development.  CIK ( activities include an annual international conference, executive training and research/consulting initiatives.  Serving in this role provides Asgary with insights and experiences that provide his writing with a breadth and timely focus that, otherwise, would be impossible.